Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle

Generate realistic test data fast...

Generate Realistic Database Test Data

data generator for oracle databases
  • Generate meaningful test data
  • Data generation based on column characteristics
  • Populate database directly or generate insert scripts
  • Customize data generators (if desired)
  • Large collection of predefined (country/language specific) generators
  • Create (and reuse) your own generators
  • Project-oriented
  • Support for Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and 12

Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle is a powerful data generator that allows developers to easily populate databases with thousands of rows of meaningful and syntactically correct test data for database testing purposes. The tool reads your Oracle database and displays tables and columns with their automatically assigned data generation settings. You can customize these data generators if desired. The tool can be used to generate test data from scratch or from existing data. A large collection of predefined data generators based on lists (such as cities, currencies, names, addresses, and much more) or expressions (such as postal codes for example) is included. You can create your own named generators which you can use in other test data generation projects also.

Writing your own test data generators or scripts is time consuming. With Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle you have test data with just a few clicks. The tool can be used by DBAs, developers, or testers, who need sample data to test a database-driven application.


Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle is a software tool to generate test data for Oracle databases. It inserts generated data directly into the database, or builds insert SQL statements. Below you can find a list of features.

Intelligently associates a column with a generator based on column characteristics

When the tool analyzes your database schema it automatically selects an appropriate generator for each column based on the column name, language used, data type, constraints etc. Ofcourse you cna change the generator for that column if that is desired.

Over 40 built in/predefined (and customizable) data generators

A large collection of lists, csv files (with addresses etc), date generators, string generators, expression generators etc is included.

Create your own named generators

You can create your own generator based on a built in data generator. You give this user defined generator a name and you can specify for which kind of columns this generator must be used.

Generate test data from scratch or from existing data

You can reuse data from existing sources such as another table or data in an external file.

Generation of data that matches to your database schema

Datanamic Data Generator reads the database schema details from your database. This schema information (metadata) is used for generating syntactically correct data that automatically matches your domain values (data types).

Single-click test data generation

When you have connected to a database, Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle automatically chooses the most appropriate data generation settings for each field. Ofcourse you can fine-tune these settings but you can also choose to generate data with this default settings. All you have to do then, is clicking the "Generate data" button.

Generation of data from an extensive set of included CSV files

When you install Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle, a number of CSV files (delimited text files) with thousands of names, zip codes, cities, countries, and more, will be installed.

Project-oriented architecture

Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle is project-oriented, so a user can create a project that indicates which database and which tables to fill and how to generate the test data. Projects can be as simple as loading a single table, or as complex as loading hundreds of tables.

Generates data based on user-defined masks

A powerful way to generate meaningful data that matches your needs is to fill a field using the "Random text using mask" generator. By using the "Random text using mask" fill type, you can generate strings that match a defined pattern. You can use the "random text using mask" generator with any data column that has a data type that accepts a string (char, varchar, clob, string, text, etc...) and user-defined types (domains) based on these string types.

Randomly generated values can be constrained to a range of values

Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle allows you to place restrictions on data values it will generate. For example, integers can be constrained to a range of values. Date/time values can be constrained to a date range. Text strings can be constrained to a fixed set of choices (also known as enumerations).

Output generated data to the database or to a SQL insert script

When you start generating the data, you can choose to output to the database or to a SQL file with insert statements.

Preview of data

Realtime preview of table data that will be generated with your current settings.

Advanced data generator settings

You can specify the percentage of null values for each column. You can also define for how many rows a generated value must be used. This is very useful when generating data for a master and child table. You can for example specify that each Customer may have at least 5 but not more than 10 Orders.


Select a data generator you want to use for a field.

Preview data that will be generated.

Edit named generators.

Start generating test data.

Generating test data.

Edit project settings.


Datanamic Data Generator for Oracle costs $ 499 for a single user license (EULA).

Upgrade Protection/Support is optional and costs 20% of the initial purchase price per year.

Or upgrade

Tech specs

Operating System: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

Memory: 1 GB minimum (2 GB recommended)

Hard Disk: At least 20 MB of free disk space

Databases: Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, 12

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