Datanamic Data Generator MultiDB

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What's New

The ultimate database test data generation tool is better than ever. Datanamic Data Generator Version 5 has a complete new user interface, improved sample data generation, a new "test run" option, a new synchronized selection option and much more...
what's new in data generator
  • From now on you can select the tables you want to populate in the list of tables in the main dialog.
  • Complete new user interface.
  • Multiple data generation plans (projects) can be opened and edited at the same time.
  • Auto highlight the column in the preview data grid when the corresponding field is edited or is selected.
  • New "test run" option when generating test data. Do a full execution of the plan, or execute only a part (e.g. 10%) of the data generation plan.
  • Field settings: Added the option for "synchronized selection" to the "select mode" combobox. Synchronized selection is available when your fill type is a table or a view. It means that the cursor in the table/view will not change for each field. If you do not set "synchronized selection" then the cursor will be moved each time data is fetched (so for each field).
  • You can now specify a random or sequential select mode when your fill type is "Value from Parent Field".
  • The number of generated preview records will not exceed the specified number of rows to generate for that table anymore.
  • Generated or selected empty strings (for fill type value from lists for example) are now inserted as NULLs by default.
  • Improved error messages when generation of preview data fails.
  • Added the option to fill a column with an exact numeric data type from a CSV file or from a list.
  • Use custom filters when selecting the tables you want to add to your project.
  • Now easily navigate to related tables from the table settings pane.
  • New option to turn off automatic sample data generation.
  • New select fill type combo box for easier selection of generator.
  • Added support for MS SQL Server 2012 and SQLite databases.
  • Enhanced Oracle connectivity. Added instant client support and RAC support.
  • Intelligent determination of number of records to generate.

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