DB Zipper

          Archive and Extract Database Data


  • Archive (package) and extract (unpack) your database tables accurately and quickly.
  • Unpack tables (structure and data) to any of the supported databases.
  • Compress your tables as a database independent archive files (DB Zipper file).
  • One database archive can hold tables from multiple databases.
  • Cross-database support.
  • Support for multiple databases platforms: PostgreSQL, MS Access, InterBase, Firebird, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL Server.
  • Extract (unpack) tables to multiple databases.
  • Move your database tables from A to B (deploying databases).
  • Command line interface for scheduled backup and restore jobs.
  • Easy-to-use interface (like the regular file compression applications).
  • Backup and restore your database tables.
  • Storage of complete table structure (columns, primary key constraint, check constraints, unique constraints, indexes).
  • Multiple extract actions:
    • Always create new table
    • Append: Append data to existing table
    • Refill: Empty table and insert data
    • Overwrite: Drop table, create new table and insert data

Only: $ 95

DB Zipper supports the following databases:
- Oracle
- MS SQL Server
- MS Access
- PostgreSQL
- InterBase
- FireBird

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