DB Zipper

          Archive and Extract Database Data

Version History

Version 2.0.1

  • Added Oracle 11g support.
  • When an error occured while extracting, temporary tables were saved in the working directory. Changed this directory to the windows temporary folder.
  • Fixed a problem with archiving fields with long text in MS SQL Server and MySQL.
  • Extract option "Use value in archive for autonumber columns" did not work properly. Fixed.
  • MS SQL Server XML data type support.

Version 2.0.0

Changes compared to version 1
  • Performance improvements: Archiving/backing up data up to 50% faster than before.
  • Performance improvements: Unpacking archived data is up to 30% faster than before.
  • Added support for command-line options.
  • Added support for large archive files.
  • Added support for large data sets.
  • Added schema/owner support.
  • Improved data type conversions when extracting data and table structure to a database platform which is different than the original source database. This improved data type conversion is a result of the introduction of data type conversion rules. These rules are editable and are stored in .dcr files (definitions directory).
  • More detailed error messages for the archive table process.
  • New extract option: Use value in archive for autonumber columns.
  • New extract option: Create comments.
  • In the Add tables wizard you can now double click on a table name to move the table between the list with available tables and the list with tables to archive.
  • Added support for MS Access 2003 and MS Access 2007.
  • Improved PostgreSQL 8 data type support.
  • Added support for Oracle function based indexes.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL index expressions (only in PostgreSQL 8).
  • Fixed a problem with capturing index columns for unique indexes in Oracle.
  • Fixed a bug with case sensitivity of column names in Oracle.
  • Empty string values were converted to NULL values. This will now work correct but different depending on the database you are extracting to.
  • NULL values where converting dates to 1899-12-31. They will now stay NULL.
  • Size and Packed columns in work area displayed wrong value when table contained binary fields. Fixed.
  • Access violation when you archived and extracted tables in one session. Fixed.
  • Progress indicator sometimes gave the wrong percentage. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with wrong length of RAW fields when extracting to Oracle databases.
  • Fixed a problem with failed connection to an Oracle database when adding tables to an existing database archive file.
  • Columns that are part of a self-referencing relationship were not added to the database archive file. Fixed.
  • Added support for a sort option on index column level for MS SQL Server 2005 and Oracle databases.
  • Oracle Not Null constraint names are captured now when archiving tables.
  • MySQL 5 column descriptions are imported now.
  • MySQL 5 column collations settings are imported now.
  • Added support for MySQL 5 charactersets on column level.
  • PostgreSQL column descriptions are imported now.
  • Index columns for Oracle unique descending indexes were missing (index expression issue). Fixed.
  • Added MS SQL Server 2005 column collation support.
  • Fixed bug for oracle reverse engineering, TIMESTAMP type is not changed into VARCHAR2 anymore
  • Fixed bug for oracle length of NCHAR and NVARCHAR data types. Length imported was twice the correct length.
  • When retrieving Tables from MS-Access, it will not include the views anymore.
  • For MS SQL Server, fields with data type TIMESTAMP never get populated.
  • When converting to another database platform, the following are property values are removed: Collate, Character sets, Table Options, Index Options and Index Expressions.
  • Included support for MySQL's YEAR datatype
  • Included support for Oracle's BINARY_FLOAT, BINARY_DOUBLE, ROWID and UROWID data types.
  • Included support for MS SQL Server's SYSNAME, UNIQUEIDENTIFIER, SQLVARIANT, TIMESTAMP and XML data types.
  • Solved problem logging into MS Access database with database password.
  • Unidirectional queries implemented for MS SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
  • Records can now be inserted/updated if the column name contains spaces.
  • Fixed a bug when creating Firebird tables with BLOB SUB_TYPE data type.
  • When importing indexes for InterBase and Firebird they were always indicated as unique. Fixed.
  • When capturing MS Access tables, columns with certain characters in the name (like the minus sign) were not captured. Fixed.
  • Fixed problems for table names with mixed case.
  • Fixed problem with MS SQL Server 2005 Identity property in combination with multiple schemas in one databases.
  • Improved BLOB insertions for all supported databases.
  • Fixed problems connecting to MS SQL Server and MS Access databases on some Windows Vista systems.
  • Fixed a bug in the Manage database connections dialog. The cancel button still applied the changes.
  • Faster loading of application under Vista.
  • Fixed file association (.dbz) for Windows Vista in the setup program.

Only: $ 95

DB Zipper supports the following databases:
- Oracle
- MS SQL Server
- MS Access
- PostgreSQL
- InterBase
- FireBird

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