Preview Datanamic SchemaDiff V4

With Datanamic SchemaDiff you can compare and synchronize database schemas. Version 4 offers a complete new user interface, a multi project interface, customizable filters to filter the comparison results, more comparison options and user defined comparison rules.

You can try out the fully functional preview release for 30 days (see download link below). Expected release date for version 4 is September 2012.

What's New

  • Complete new user interface.
  • Multiple projects interface.
  • Added the option to define custom comparison rules. With custom comparison rules you can control what will be seen as a difference. You can for example define a comparison rule that says that data type INT is identical to INTEGER.
  • Added support for comparing and synchronizing MS SQL Server 2012 databases.
  • Create custom filters to filter the comparison results.
  • New tabbed interface with Home page that lists recent comparison projects with their status.
  • Added the option to ignore sequence seed values in comparison results.
  • Enhanced Oracle connectivity. Added instant client support and RAC support.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse engineering PostgreSQL partial expressions.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse engineering PostgreSQL primary key and foreign key constraints for when the constraint's table name was used in multiple schemas.
  • Fixed an issue with importing SQL files. When an entity was defined without schema name, but the relationships, triggers and indexes did make use of a schema name, it did not import the relationship/trigger/index correctly.
  • Improved support for importing unicode text for MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server database.
  • Improved support for importing CREATE TYPE statements when importing a SQL file.
  • Fixed an issue with importing clustered or non-clustered primary keys when importing a MS SQL Server SQL file.
  • Improved support for importing SQL files with use of temporarily redefined delimiters.
  • Improved differences report.
  • Fixed an issue with changed sequences not being recreated when altering the database.
  • Fixed an issue with missing comments in the generated alter script when it was necessary to re-create a complete table.
  • Fixed an issue with reverse engineering MySQL databases (direct connection) with InnoDB engine and relationships defined in the table comments.
  • Fixed an issue with quoted schema names as part of the trigger name when generating Oracle databases.
  • Removed redundant comments from the generated SQL script file and from the generated log file when forward engineering SQL databases.

Try It Out Now

Download a fully functional 30 day preview version. Don't forget to give us feedback. Thanks.