Datanamic Schema Change Notifier

The Easy Way To Inform Your Team
About Database Changes

Datanamic Schema Change Notifier is beta software

Datanamic Schema Change Notifier detects changes to database schemas and sends automatic e-mail notifications with a report of the differences to team members.

Datanamic Schema Change Notifier is an application that polls (multiple) databases for schema changes. It can poll Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS Access databases and detects changes to tables, indexes, triggers, views, procedures, constraints, sequences, etc. When a schema change is detected, its built-in SMTP server sends e-mails with a schema change report (in HTML format) to all team members. The e-mail message can be customized. The recipients may differ per database you want to monitor.

The easy way to keep your team informed about all changes to your databases. It is simple:

Monitor an unlimited number of databases

You can monitor just one database or multiple databases. The number of databases you can monitor is unlimited.

Cross database platform support

Monitor and detect schema changes in databases of different vendors. The following databases are supported: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access.

Receive schema change notifications with color-coded highlights of changes

When a schema has changes, a detailed, color-coded, differences report in HTML format is attached to the e-mail to your team member.

Control which objects in the database will be monitored

You can easily narrow the database objects that will be monitored in a database by specifying include and/or exclude filters.