Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL
Compares and synchronizes
MS SQL database schemas
Synchronization MS SQL Server schemas
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Compare and Synchronize MS SQL Database Schemas


For many organizations, the size and complexity of their MS SQL database environments has increased significantly. Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL provides the ability to compare and synchronize two MS SQL database schemas. After the comparison is performed, Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL generates the synchronization script that can be used to update the destination database schema to match the source database.


With Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL you can automatically compare and synchronize the schemas of MS SQL Server databases and avoid mistakes with deploying structure changes from one database to another database (for example: test environment to production environment).

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Key Features

  • Compare and synchronize MS SQL Server database schemas
  • Visualize the differences between database schemas
  • Generate intelligent synchronization scripts
  • Automate schema synchronization with command-line utility
  • Automatic mapping of (renamed) database objects

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ms sql schema synchronization utility


It is a challenge to ensure that MS SQL Server database schemas are consistent across two different databases. When database structures change, DBAs often spend significant time creating complex SQL scripts, even though the update itself might be a simple one. Manual synchronization can be error prone because of object dependencies and the complexity of the database schemas. You need a solution that will automatically compare and identify the object differences between two MS SQL Server database schemas and then synchronize them.


Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL enables you to compare and synchronize database schemas. The tool will give you the full picture of all database schema differences. Once your database schemas are compared, you can view the differences and generate the necessary synchronization script to update the destination database and make it identical to the source database.

Flexible comparison options (such as case insensitive, ignore spaces, exlude object types) will enable you to set up a customized schema comparison plan. The tool visualizes the object differences in a clear differences viewer, exports schema differences to a differences report and generates intelligent SQL code to synchronize the database schemas. You can use the included command line utility to further automate your database structure synchronization process.

Datanamic SchemaDiff for MS SQL simplifies database administration tasks and increases DBA productivity.

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