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DeZign for Databases V4.0 Released

APRIL 2006
We're glad to announce the official release of DeZign for Databases V4. Version 4 is a significant upgrade to this powerful, easy-to-use database design and modeling product.

This new release offers many new features such as:

  • Integrated reverse engineering functionality (you don't need separate ImportERs anymore) with native database connections.
  • Alter/modify database support. Design changes made to the data model can be applied to the database by formulating intelligent alteration code (see the Supported Databases page on our website to see if this functionality is available for your target DBMS).
  • Define reusable attributes.
  • Compare data model versions.
  • Configurable HTML, PDF and MS Word reports.
  • Key data type propagation.
  • New Oracle 10g, NexusDB 2, MySQL 5, Firebird 2 and MS SQL Server 2005 support.
  • And much more...

To see an overview of what's new, go to:

To see the complete list of changes, go to:

You can download a 30-day evaluation version at:

To learn more DeZign for Databases V4, please visit:

DeZign for Databases V4 is available in three editions:

  • Standard: Diagramming and forward engineering/generating databases.
  • Professional: Diagramming, forward engineering/generating databases and reverse engineering.
  • Expert: Diagramming, forward engineering/generating databases, reverse engineering, modifying databases and compare data models.

To compare the editions, go to:


Licensed users of DeZign for Databases V3 or V2 can upgrade to version 4 at a reduced price. Upgrade pricing starts at 99 EUR/118 USD.

To see the complete list of upgrade prices, go to:

If you purchased your copy of the product on 1 December 2005 or later you are entitled to a free upgrade. See the Free Upgrade Eligibility page for more information:

To order your copy, please visit:

To upgrade from previous versions, please visit:

Important Compatibility Issue

To accommodate new functionality, DeZign for Databases V4 introduces a new XML based file format. When you open a project saved in a prior version, DeZign for Databases will automatically make a backup of the old file and upgrade the file to the new file format. The DeZign project file (*.dez) for DeZign for Databases V4 is different than that for prior versions and is not backwards compatible.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Do I need to uninstall DeZign for Databases V3 before installing DeZign for Databases V4?
A: No, but be sure not to overwrite your version 3 installation.

Q: Can I open files created or saved in version 4 with my old version 3.
A: No, see item * Important compatibility issue * above or read it in the manual installed with version 4.

Q: Can I open files created with version 2 or 3.
A: Yes. These files will be upgraded automatically. Read the manual for more information.