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Datanamic Data Generator Gets a 4x Performance Boost


Datanamic updated its test data generation tool (version 7.1.0), Datanamic Data Generator, with file I/O routines and smart caching technology, delivering dramatic increases in data generation performance. This boost in performance, combined with the large number of generators and intuitive user interface, makes Datanamic Data Generator the world's best database test data generation tool.

Interested in meaningful test data for you database? Simply download a 14 day trial of the software and use the sample database to see how fast you can generate meaningful test data from scratch.

About Datanamic Solutions

Datanamic is a company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. We create innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database development.

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Contact: Maaike van Doorn (press@datanamic.com)

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