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Run Multiple SQL Scripts Against Multiple Databases At Once With DB MultiRun

Datanamic is pleased to announce DB MultiRun, a new simple utility to execute multiple SQL scripts against multiple database. DB MultiRun will save you time and effort because it will cut out repetitive database administration tasks.

Define a list of databases, add SQL scripts to execute on these databases and click "execute" to run those scripts on the databases in the list. The multi-threaded execution of the SQL scripts makes it complete the task fast. After execution of the scripts you can examine the results of the executed scripts on each database.

System Requirements and Database Support

DB MultiRun V1 is available as a 32-bit application. The product is available for Windows and requires a minimum of 64MB RAM. Disk space requirement is 4 MB.

DB MultiRun V1 supports the following databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, InterBase, Firebird and MySQL.

Pricing and Availability

DB MultiRun V1 is available in 6 Editions: A MultiDB edition which supports Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, InterBase, Firebird, MySQL and a single DBMS edition for each supported database.

Pricing for DB MultiRun V1 starts at E125 (EURO)/$195 (USD) for a single DBMS edition and E245 (EURO)/$395 (USD) for the MultiDB Edition. DB MultiRun V1 is available from the Datanamic corporate Web site at https://www.datanamic.com/multirun/.

Comprehensive product details are available at https://www.datanamic.com/multirun/

About Datanamic Solutions

Datanamic is a privately owned company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Datanamic Solutions creates innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database development. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.datanamic.com.