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DB Zipper Public Beta - Another New Product From Datanamic

MARCH 2007
Datanamic is pleased to announce that the first public beta of a new product, DB Zipper is now available for download.

DB Zipper provides a quick and easy way to pack and unpack database tables across databases. It processes table data and table structures from any database into a compressed database archive file (*.dbz). With DB Zipper you can unpack the (selected) tables from the database archive file to any supported target database. Currently the following databases are supported: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, InterBase and Firebird.

Using DB Zipper, you will be able to:

  • Move your database from A to B,
  • Backup and restore database tables,
  • Copy database tables,
  • Distribute your tables in a compressed format,
  • Translate tables from database type A to type B.

DB Zipper is exceptionally easy-to use and it works like the regular compression applications for files but instead of files DB Zipper works with database tables.

You can download DB Zipper V1.0.0 Beta 1 at:
A time-limited beta license (30 days) is included in the download.

To read more about this new product, go to:

Pricing for the final version has been set at 79 Euro/89 USD.
The estimated release date for the final version (V1) is the last week of April 2007.

DB Zipper is Datanamic's second new product introduction this month. The public beta of our test data generator, DB Data Generator was introduced two weeks ago.

We hope you enjoy this new product, and we welcome your comments and suggestions at support@datanamic.com. As always, we thank you for your interest and your support for Datanamic's products.