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DeZign for Databases V11 Released

APRIL 2019

Datanamic is pleased to announce the release of DeZign for Databases V11, its flagship data modeling tool.

In this new version you can define user defined properties and assign them to the different object types such as entities, attributes, views, procedures etc. We focused a lot on supporting several new databases. In DeZign for Databases Version 11 we added support for forward engineering and reverse engineering MS SQL Server 2017, PostgreSQL 10 and 11, Oracle 18c and MySQL 8 databases. New features for the diaqram editor include the possibility to add links in your diagrams to make them interactive, and support for tooltips in your diagrams. You can see tooltips when you hover over an object in a diagram. What will be displayed is customizable. There is much more. Read here about all the new features in this release.

Comprehensive product details are available at https://www.datanamic.com/dezign/.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Do I need to uninstall an older version of DeZign for Databases before installing (a trial of) DeZign for Databases V11?
A: No, but be sure not to overwrite your previous version installation.

Q: Can I open files created or saved in version 11 with my old version?
A: You can open V11 projects in V10 and V9.

Q: Can I open files created with older versions?
A: Yes. These files will be upgraded automatically.

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Datanamic is a privately owned company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Datanamic Solutions creates innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database development. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.datanamic.com.

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