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DeZign for Databases V7.2 Released

JULY 2012
We have released DeZign for Databases V7.2. This update offers improved database/model differences reports and a few minor enhancements and fixes.
  • Description/comment of attributes are now being displayed in the list of attributes. The separate tab for attribute descriptions has been removed. Descriptions can be edited in the grid directly.
  • Improved text/sql formatting in differences reports. A difference report can be generated in the Comparison results dialog. This dialog appears when a data model is compared to a database or SQL file.
  • Comparison results dialog now displays the database name/SQL file.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid SQL for aliases for Oracle and SQL Server when using the internal query builder.
  • Fixed an issue with an access violation when opening the Entity dialog by double clicking on a message in the messages list.
  • Note tab instead of the General tab was the active tab when the Entity dialog was shown. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with a list index out of bounds error when creating a new attribute package.

The complete version history can be found here.

Free Update For Version 7 Users

Version 7.2.0 is a free update for DeZign for Databases V7 users. DeZign for Databases V7 users can download the latest version from the Licensed Users area.

Still using V6 or V5 and ready to upgrade? See what's new in version 7 or go to our upgrade center. Upgrades are available from $78.