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Datanamic Releases DeZign for Databases 5 with New Productivity Enhancements for Database Modeling

Latest version supports model with database comparison and updating model from database

Leiden, Netherlands
January 24, 2008.

Datanamic Solutions today released the latest version of DeZign for Databases, its flagship data-modeling tool. DeZign for Databases version 5.0 offers functionality to compare a model with the database and update a model from the database, support for schemas/owners and enhanced diagramming capabilities such as attribute color-coding. Also new with DeZign for Databases 5.0 are customizable data type conversion rules and function conversion rules to improve the accuracy when migrating data models from one database platform to another database platform.

With the new features, DeZign for Databases 5.0 delivers dramatic increases in productivity for database developers with a complete toolset to model, maintain, generate and capture the design and requirements of databases.

"There was an urgent need for an easy way to keep the model identical to the database because many users make changes to the structure directly in the database" says Product Manager Martin Dekker. "Changed database objects must be identified as changed and not as new ones, because existing model settings and layout need to be preserved. In order to achieve this, intelligent object matching was built in the process. We have had tremendous good help from our users to make this feature work smoothly". "Halfway through the testing period we found ourselves not being able to work without the new features anymore and several of our testing customers had the same experience" says Company Director Rick van Dijk. With the addition of updating the model from the database, DeZign for Databases now supports the complete life cycle of database modeling. From the new designed model to generating the test or production database and from the changed databases back to your model again.

With most databases supporting schemas (or owners) nowadays, the addition of schema support in DeZign for Databases now provides database modelers with the option to make models exceeding several schemas. For those users not interested in schemas the option will not be in the way, which is rather unique for database tools.

Using colors for individual attributes highly increases the readability of your ERD diagram. For example by coloring foreign keys and their corresponding primary key the same color, you can easily see how the entities are connected.

Other new features include:

  • DB2 reverse engineering through an OLEDB connection.
  • ElevateDB forward and reverse engineering.
  • Improved database platform conversions with customizable data type conversion rules.
  • Overview of domain usage.
  • Improved auto-layout function.
  • Begin/end scripts for alter scripts and drop scripts.
  • And much more (more than 100 enhancements and fixes).

DeZign for Databases is a database modeling and design tool with an intuitive visual interface that allows you to accurately design, create and maintain your database. It provides full support for ER-modeling (Entity-Relationship) techniques and supports most popular SQL and desktop databases.

System Requirements and Database Support

DeZign for Databases runs on Win32 platforms including Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. DeZign for Databases supports Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, InterBase, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Sybase, DBISAM, ElevateDB, Paradox, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, Pervasive SQL, Informix, MaxDB and NexusDB.

Pricing and Availability

Prices start at 195 EUR (245 USD). For more detailed information about new features, upgrade policies and pricing, please visit: www.datanamic.com. DeZign for Databases 5.0 is available from the Datanamic corporate Web site at https://www.datanamic.com/dezign. A 30-day trial copy can be downloaded at https://www.datanamic.com/download.

About Datanamic Solutions

Datanamic Solutions is a privately owned company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Datanamic Solutions creates innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database design and development. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.datanamic.com.

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