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Version History

Version 5.0.0

  • Fixed an issue with comparing tables with special characters in the table name (such as "/" and "." etc).
  • Fixed an issue with the color of the toolbar. Sometimes the color of the toolbar changed on start up.
  • Displaying and resizing the grid columns could cause an error when there was a comparision error. Fixed.
  • Now you can select multiple rows/cells in the comparison results grids.
  • Added a right-click context menu to the grids in the comparison results pane. The context menu has a menu to copy the content of the selected cells/rows to the clipboard.
  • The table comparison summary text is displayed in a memo field now. Now you can easily copy the summary to clipboard.
  • MyDocuments folder is now the default folder when exporting the comparison results to CSV files.
  • Default time format when exporting the comparison results is now set to the short time format.
  • Default date format when exporting the comparison results is now set to the short date format.
  • Missing field values for date/time fields in exported comparison results. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue with a "Table already exists" error for temporary tables when comparing.
  • When a SQL synchronization script file already existed, the insert statements were added to that old file. It will now ask to overwrite that old file.
  • Improved cross database type synchronization with for fields with non standard characters in the field name.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect synchronization error (Length of source string value too large for destination) for PostgreSQL Character Varying data types.
  • Fixed an issue with comparing tables with one or more field names containing a reserved word for MySQL databases.
  • Added the option to select a custom application font. You can select the application font in the Options dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with flickering database connection setup dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with authentication in Direct mode for Oracle databases.
  • Field size detecting for servers with multi-byte charset is improved when reverse engineering Oracle databases.
  • Fixed a bug with special symbols in passwords when connecting to an Oracle database.
  • Added support for MS SQL Server 2016.
  • Support for IPv6 protocol when working eith SQL Server databases has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug with detecting TIMESTAMP fields when loading a MySQL database.
  • Fixed a bug in connecting to a PostgreSQL databases when using the default port.
  • Fixed a bug with detecting MONEY data type for SQL Server databases (all versions).
  • Fixed a bug with milliseconds in timestamp fields when working with PostgreSQL databases.
  • Added PostgreSQL 9.5 support.
  • 'Range check error' when connecting to SQL Server is fixed.
  • Improved support for working with Oracle 12 databases.
  • Fixed an issue with "table not found message" after comparing. This occured when the project was opened from with windows explorer or the recently opened files menus.
  • List with tables did not align correctly when opening a project or creating a project. Fixed.
  • Added the option to deactivate the software.
  • Added the option to check for updates. You can do that via the menu Help | Check for updates. You can also configure the application to check for updates each time the application starts.
  • Wrong name displayed in main form when loading project. Caption of main form now displays "..." when loading or initializing a project.
  • From now on the status of tables with data differences will be displayed in bold.
  • Added row background colors for tables without differences in the list with tables. This way it is easier to see which tables have differences.