Datanamic DataDiff for PostgreSQL

Compare and Synchronize PostgreSQL Data

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Datanamic DataDiff for PostgreSQL compares and synchronizes data in selected tables from two databases.

PostgreSQL Connectivity

  • Direct access to PostgreSQL databases (with native driver).
  • Supports multiple PostgreSQL versions.
    Supported PostgreSQL versions: 7, 8, 8.3 and 9.
  • Cross database version comparison.
    Synchronization across database versions is supported. e.g. compare a PostgreSQL 8 database with a PostgreSQL 9 database.

Data Comparison

  • Compare selected tables.
    Compare selected tables or complete PostgreSQL databases.
  • Compare selected fields.
    You can define which fields to compare. Unique is that that does not mean that you cannot synchronize excluded fields. You can always synchronize a field, even if it was not included in the list of fields to compare.
  • Customize comparison keys.
    A comparison key is automatically selected if your tables contain a matching unique key (like a primary key or a unique constraint). You can also define your own comparison key (any combination of the fields of that table).
  • Flexible comparison options.
    You control the way data comparison routines work. Trim text, ignore spaces, match empty string to NULL, case-insensitive comparison, etc.
  • Fast comparison of large databases.
    Optimized memory usage and comparison routines make Datanamic DataDiff for PostgreSQL one of the fastest products for large databases.
  • Data filtering with WHERE clauses.
    You can define a where clause on each source and/or destination table.
  • Compare fields with different data types.
    When the data types in the fields to compare differ, the data is automatically converted in such a way that they can be compared.
  • Supports comparing binary data.
    Intelligent routines guarentee fast comparison of binary data. The comparison results grid includes a viewer for binary data.
  • Mapping features for tables and columns.
    Tables and columns are automatically mapped based on their names. You can manually customize these mappings for any table or column.
  • Export comparison results.
    Export all or a selection of the comparison results to CSV files.
  • Compare tables with different collation settings.

Data Synchronization

  • Synchronize directly on database or generate a synchronization script.
  • Refertial integrity support.
    Datanamic DataDiff for PostgreSQL handles data dependencies and referential integrity during synchronization. To speed up synchronization you have got the option to disable foreign keys during synchronization.
  • Partial synchronization.
    Partial synchronization allows you to synchronize only selected columns and/or only selected records.
  • Synchronize binary data.
    Synchronization of binary data is supported when you synchronize directly on the database.
  • Detection of synchronization errors.
    Warnings appear in the comparison results grid when synchronization might lead to invalid data. This is the case when the destination field for example requires a value but the value that is gonna be inserted is a NULL value.
  • Disable triggers.
    To avoid unwanted results caused by triggers, you have got the option to disable triggers and re-enable them again after synchronization automatically.
  • Pre/post synchronization SQL
    Pre/post SQL is SQL code to be executed before/after perfoming the synchronization.
  • Exclude fields for synchronization on project level.
    In the project options dialog you can define a list of field names for fields you don't want to synchronize. This way you don't have to exclude those fields manually. This is very useful to exclude columns used for auditing purposes.


  • Quick overview of differences.
    Easy-to-use navigation through the color-coded data differences.
  • Automated comparison and synchronization.
    A command line utility is included to automate your data comparison and synchronization process.
  • Project-oriented.
    Save your data comparison plan to a DataDiff project for later re-use.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Detection of metadata changes.
    You do not have to reconfigure your complete compare plan when the structure of a source or destination table has changed. Datanamic DataDiff for PostgreSQL will do that for you automatically.