Datanamic Data Generator for Azure

Generate realistic test data fast...

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  • Generates data that is appropriate for the database schema.
  • Intelligently chooses appropriate data generator for each column (can be customized if desired) based on column's characteristics.
  • More than 40 (country and language specific) built-in data generators.
  • Load random data from external sources.
  • Load random data from already existing data sources such as other tables.
  • Option to disable triggers and foreign keys.
  • Realtime preview of data that will be generated.
  • Generates realistic data with intelligent use of the expression/mask generator (for for example postal codes) and a large collection of lists with names, addresses, cities, streets, etc.
  • Generate test data for a complete database or for a selection of tables.
  • Command-line utility to further automate your data generation process is included.
  • Create your own user defined data generators.
  • Insert data directly into the database or generate a SQL script with insert statements.
  • High performance with thousands of inserts per second.
  • Setting to define the percentage of null values.
  • Setting to specify how many times a generated value must be used. Useful for master-detail data. e.g. A customer must have at least 5 orders but not more than 10.
  • Referential integrity support.
  • Save your test data generation plan to a project file.
  • Extensive validation of data generator settings.
  • Execute pre/post data generation scripts.
  • Automatic detection of changes in your database schema.
  • Generate unique values option.

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