Data Modeling Tool for Azure SQL Databases

SQL Azure Database Design

DeZign for Databases is a intuitive graphical tool that simplifies data modeling tasks. Use DeZign for Databases to create, browse and edit complex data models. Data models help you visualize complex data structures. The tool provides forward and reverse engineering capabilities for Azure SQL databases and supports collaborative database development.

DeZign for Databases provides a data modeling environment with industry standard modeling methodologies and notations (ER Diagrams with IDEF1X notation or IE notation), SQL generation and powerful features to work with existing existing Azure SQL databases.


DeZign for Databases can be used by data modelers working with Azure SQL databases. It connects the database designers to the rest of the development team and business users. The tool enhances communication in your organization because you can share models as well as present complex data structures in a format that is easy to read and understand.


  • Intuitive Entity Relationship Diagram Editor: Create quality database structures or make changes to existing data models.
  • Forward and Reverse Engineering Azure SQL Databases: Generate your database based on on your data model and/or import an existing Azure SQL database into a data model.
  • In-depth Reporting: Easily generate detailed reports on Azure SQL database structures.
  • Synchronization with your Database: Synchronize your data model with your existing database using ALTER script generation and data model merge features.
  • Submodel Management: Allow creation of multi-leveled submodels.