Data Modeling Tool for PostgreSQL Databases

data modeling for postgresql databases

DeZign for Databases is an easy-to-use database modeling and design tool for PostgreSQL databases.

The tool uses entity relationship diagrams (ERDs) to graphically design databases (ER Diagrams with IDEF1X notation or IE notation). You can visualize database structures to understand your database, create new databases or reverse-engineer existing PostgreSQL databases to modify, redesign, document, analyze, and optimize.

DeZign for Databases improves your productivity and reduces faults in database development.


If you are a database designer, developer or DBA, you will benefit from the clarity of complex databases, DeZign for Databases brings. It serves as a communication tool and accelerates your processes by connecting the database modelers to the rest of the development team and business users.

Key Features

  • ER Diagram Editor
    DeZign for Databases allows you to draw am ER diagram (data model) using its drawing tools.
  • Forward Engineering
    Once you have created your entities (tables) and defined their attributes, you can generate the PostgreSQL database you have drawn on the screen.
  • Importing Existing PostgreSQL Databases
    You can generate an ER diagram from an already existing PostgreSQL database. You connect to your PostgreSQL database and all the information of the structure of your database will be used to generate an ER diagram.
  • Synchronizing Database with Data Model
    The tool connects and loads your PostgreSQL database, displays the differences between the data model and the actual database. It allows you to select which differences must be moved to the database or to the data model (bi-directional).
  • Database Documentation
    You can generate documentation in MS Word, PDF or HTML formats. You can print out your diagram or export your diagram to an image file (gif, jpg, bmp, wmf or png).