Datanamic Repository

Team-Based collaboration for data modelers...

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The Datanamic Repository enables you to design a database across a team of people, so that each person can access the latest version of the data model without the risk of damaging or losing that data.

Collaboration. Every data modeler/developer can instantly obtain the latest version of the project/data model. Multiple modelers can work in parallel on the same model. Committing changes to the repository is easy with intelligent auto-merge and conflict resolution.

Controlled Access. Control of data model assets can be managed via user profiles and access levels. Different users may have different access levels (read-only, read/update, no access) to the projects stored in the repository.

Edit Projects Locally. Users can edit projects/models locally and commit the changes to the repository at a later date. A constant connection to the repository is not required.

Version Control. Each time a model is saved in the repository database, a new record is added. The old version will not be deleted. You can later do a rollback or view the differences between two versions. Easy to track data model changes.

Datanamic Repository Administrator utility. An intuitive utility allows administrators to manage projects (data models), users and permissions.