Remove All Constraint Names

When you don't want to name constraints you've got to use empty constraint name templates.

  1. Select File | Project options from the application menu.
  2. In the Project options dialog, go to tab "Name templates".
  3. Delete all name templates under "Default constraint name templates" and press OK.
  4. All constraints that were using the old name template will use the new name template now. This new name template is empty which means that all these constraints will be become nameless. This also applies to new constraints (new constraints always use the name templates by default).

Constraints that did not use the default name template will still have their own name template or user defined name. Use the Apply Name Templates tools to remove the constraint names here also.

  1. Select Tools | Naming Tools | Apply name templates from the application menu.
  2. The submenu contains a menuitem for each type of constraint. Follow the instructions below for each constraint type.
  3. Select the constraint type in the sub menu.
  4. In the Apply name template dialog, select "All" under "Apply the name template to the following names".
  5. Press Apply. All constraints will now use the empty name template.