About database definition files

A database definition file is a DeZign for Databases resource file. For each supported database, DeZign for Databases provides a database definition file. A database definition file holds information about database-specific capabilities and templates which are used for modeling, generating and reverse engineering the database. DeZign for Databases provides database definition files for most popular databases.

The database definition files are located in the "Definitions" directory. The "Definitions" directory is a subdirectory of DeZign for Databases' installation directory (e.g., C:\PROGRAM FILES\DATANAMIC\DEZIGN FOR DATABASES\DEFINITIONS). A database definition file has a ".def" file extension (e.g. oracle11.def).

A database definition file is a simple, editable plain text file. The database definition's file format is structured similar to the generic Windows INI file format with sections, keys, and values. You can open and modify a database definition file with a normal text editor (e.g., NOTEPAD). After saving your changes, you must restart DeZign for Databases, in order to see the effect of the changes.

Example: delimiterddlbegin and delimiterddlend.

The values of these parameters are placed before and after each database object name. When you leave them empty, nothing is placed before and after the database object name.


Result in generated SQL:


Result in generated SQL:


Result in generated SQL:


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