How Does Datanamic SchemaDiff Connect Tables With Different Names?

Datanamic SchemaDiff connects tables even if the names are different. This prevents tables from being dropped and recreated again after renaming. By dropping and recreating the table, all data would be lost.

To identify the tables as being the same Datanamic SchemaDiff analyzes several properties of the tables like the names, foreign keys and attributes. Tables are considered the same table if:

  • The schema name and the table name are the same.
  • They have a fully identical foreign key constraint.
  • All columns are identical and there are at least 10 columns.

If Datanamic SchemaDiff can be certain that the tables are the same table they are compared to each other. If the schema name of the tables is different they are considered as different tables, regardless of all other properties. If this is not wanted you have to use schema mapping.