How to Compare a Data Model With a Database?

In DeZign for Databases Professional edition and DeZign for Databases Expert edition you can compare a data model with the database in the Update model from database dialog.

To compare a data model with a database:

  1. Open your data model (.dez file).
  2. Select File | Update model from database from the menu.
  3. In the Update model from database dialog, select the option to compare with a source database and fill out the database connection parameters.
  4. Press the OK button to close this dialog. DeZign for Databases will now connect to the database, read out the meta data and collect the differences.
  5. The differences between your data model and a (live) database (the comparison results) are now displayed in the Differences dialog.
  6. You can step through the database objects in the list and view the details of the differences in the details pane below this list.
Please note that when you press OK, your data model will be updated. Press Cancel when you don't want to update your data model. You can also generate a 'Differences' report. Press Export to HTML to generate a 'Differences' report.