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See also: Supported Databases.


  • Standard Edition for visual data modeling and database generation.
  • Professional Edition for visual data modeling, database generation, reverse engineering of existing databases and updating your data model by comparing it to an existing database.
  • Expert Edition for visual data modeling, database generation, reverse engineering of existing databases, support for all model/database synchronization use-cases, database-independent modeling and conditional generation.

Feature Standard Professional Expert


Copy and paste and drag and drop within or between models. XXX
Undo-support. XXX
Find objects by name or other object properties. XXX
Open file format (XML). XXX
Editor with syntax highlighting. XXX
Grid based editing in list of attributes, indexes, triggers etc. XXX
Labeling database objects to organize your data model. XXX
To-do list. XXX
Global search and replace (with regular expressions). XXX

Visual Data Modeling

ER diagramming with support for Crow's Feet and IDEF1X notation. XXX
DBMS-specific data models. XXX
Database-independent data models. Forward engineer one model to multiple databases. XXX
Define entities, attributes, domains, views, indexes, procedures, sequences, triggers, relationships. XXX
Identifying and non-identifying relationships. XXX
Auto layout of objects in diagram. XXX
Dynamic highlighting of related objects. XXX
Drag and drop database objects. XXX
Model validation. XXX
Attribute color coding. XXX
Automatic propagation of foreign keys (optional). XXX
Attribute packages (reusable sets of attributes for consistent attribute definitions) XXX
Multiple display modes (entities, all attributes, key attributes etc). XXX
Pan and zoom window ("birds-eye" view of diagrams). XXX
Name templates for database objects like constraints, foreign key columns, indexes etc. XXX
Naming tool for batch renaming of objects. XXX
Manage indexes on keys. XXX

Subdiagrams Management

Subdiagrams can be created to represent objects related to given subject area.XXX
Create subdiagrams for selected objects.XXX
Automatically create a subdiagram for each schema.-XX

Version Management

Automatically archive a version of the model when you forward or reverse engineer.XXX
Compare model versions.XXX
Manually archive current model.XXX
Switch between archived model versions.XXX


Print diagram (scalable).XXX
Export diagram as image (JPG, GIF, BMP, WMF).XXX
Export data dictionary to CSV files.XXX
Generate configurable HTML (navigable), PDF, MS Word database/model documentation.XXX
Load and save report templates.XXX


Support for more than 15 databases (See list of supported databases). XXX
Editor for data type conversion rules. XXX
Switch to another target database. XXX
Generate database from data model. XXX
Generate DDL from data model. XXX
Generate drop script. XXX
Import databases through native database connections. -XX
Import SQL scripts (DDL). -XX
Creates a model upon completing a reverse engineering of a database or script file. -XX
Smart Relationship Finder to infer non declared relationships. -XX
Compare model to database and update model. -XX
Compare model to SQL script and update model. -XX
Define custom comparison rules. -XX
Compare model to database and update database (generate intelligent alteration code).--X
Compare model to SQL scripts and update database. --X
Compare model versions and generate intelligent alteration code. --X
Conditional generation. A conditional generation directive causes the schema generator to conditionally suppress the generation of portions of the model. --X


Access to the Datanamic Repository.--X
Commit changes to the repository.--X
Get latest version of your model from the repository.--X
Conflict resolution when committing changes.--X
Controlled access to models via user profiles and access levels.--X

Please note that modify/alter database functionality and compare versions functionality is not supported for all target databases. Please check the Supported Databases page to see if that functionality is available for your database.

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