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Collaborative Modeling for Teams

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The Datanamic Repository is a free central repository database to store your data models. It is designed for collaborative modeling for teams of data modelers who work with the DeZign for Databases software to model and design their databases.

The Datanamic Repository technique allows more than one user to work with the same data model. The data model/project file is stored in the repository database and every developer working with the DeZign for Databases Expert Edition can work on the project individually. Later changes can be committed to the repository database and shared with the team. The repository works much like the source code version control system with conflict resolution and automatic merging.

The Datanamic repository database can be hosted on the following platforms:

  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL (coming soon)

For evaluation purposes, a flat file repository database is included with all editions of DeZign for Databases.

You can add an unlimited number of users and projects/data models to the repository. You can manage these users and projects with the Datanamic Repository Administrator. This is a free utility.


Collaboration. Every data modeler/developer can instantly obtain the latest version of the project/data model. Multiple modelers can work in parallel on the same model. Committing changes to the repository is easy with intelligent auto-merge and conflict resolution.

Controlled Access. Control of data model assets can be managed via user profiles and access levels. Different users may have different access levels (read-only, read/update, no access) to the projects stored in the repository.

Edit Projects Locally. Users can edit projects/models locally and commit the changes to the repository at a later date. A constant connection to the repository is not required.

Version Control. Each time a model is saved in the repository database, a new record is added. The old version will not be deleted. You can later do a rollback or view the differences between two versions. Easy to track data model changes.

Datanamic Repository Administrator utility. An intuitive utility allows administrators to manage projects (data models), users and permissions.

Summarized: For collaborative modeling for teams you need:

Please note that the repository database and the administrator utility are free. You only need to pay for each DeZign for Databases Professional/Team or DeZign for Databases Expert/Team Edition license.

Sounds interesting? Want to try it out?

Two options:

1) Download the DeZign for Databases Trial and create a repository database hosted on your database server.


2) If you are already using a DeZign for Databases Standard, Professional or Expert edition and/or you don't want to create a repository database for evaluation only, then you can see how it works with the "Standard repository for evaluation" (see screenshot).

standard repository for datamodels