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Datanamic Data Generator 2011: Define Your Own Reusable Generators


Datanamic releases version 2011 of Datanamic Data Generator. This is software that allows developers to easily populate test databases with millions of rows of meaningful and syntactically correct test data. Datanamic Data Generator 2011 introduces named generators, extends the data generator options, includes a new command line utility and gives you a realtime preview of data to be generated.

Version 2011 introduces a new type of (reusable) generators, named generators. A named generator is a set of data generation settings (e.g. address, title, cities etc). For each field you can select a compatible generic fill type or a compatible named generator. Use pre-installed named generators or create your own named generators and define for which fields they can be used.

Some of the new features:

  • Define your own named generators or use one of the 30 pre-installed named generators.
  • New command line utility to automate your test data generation process.
  • Realtime preview of data to be generated.
  • Improved the generator used for generating data based on an expression.
  • New data generator options such as select mode, repeat value for a number of iteration, generate unique values only.
  • New generic data generators: select a value from u user defined query, select a value from a view, formula generator (field3=field1+field2).
  • New setting to define the number of inserts per transaction.

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Datanamic is a privately owned company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Datanamic Solutions creates innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database development. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.datanamic.com.

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