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Datanamic Releases Two New Database Compare Tools, DB Data Difftective and DB Schema Difftective

JUNE 2008
Datanamic Solutions releases two new database compare tools, DB Data Difftective and DB Schema Difftective. The Difftectives are designed to detect differences in data or structure of databases, and to simplify the synchronization of two databases. DB Data Difftective compares and synchronizes the data of databases, DB Schema Difftectives does this for the structure of the databases. After completing an easy and intuitive new project wizard DB Data Difftective presents a clear overview of differences in the selected tables of the two selected databases. DB Schema Difftective does the same for the structure of the database. After reviewing the differences you can synchronize the databases with a few clicks.

With their intuitive and easy interface the Difftectives are a major time-saver for any engineer dealing with separated databases that need regular synchronization. In addition you can easily copy production data to test environments or update the approved test database structure to your production database.

The DB Difftectives are both project oriented. This allows the user to save a selection of objects to include and save table or field settings. This saves time if the same synchronization needs to done frequently.

System Requirements and Database Support

Both DB Schema Difftective and DB Data Difftective are available as a 32-bit application. The products are available for Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista. A DB Difftective product requires a minimum of 16MB RAM. Disk space requirements are 6 MB.

Pricing and Availability

The DB Difftectives are available in 6 editions:
  • a MultiDB Edition (support for Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, InterBase/Firebird and PostgreSQL databases)
  • an Oracle Edition
  • a MS SQL Server Edition
  • a MySQL Edition
  • an InterBase/Firebird Edition
  • a PostgreSQL Edition
DB Schema Difftective and its companion DB Data Difftective are also available in a bundle called the DB Difftective Bundle.

Prices for the DB Difftectives start at E125 (EURO)/$195 (USD) for a single DBMS edition and E245 (EURO)/$395 (USD) for the MultiDB edition. The DB Difftective Bundle is priced at E195 (EURO)/$295 (USD) for a single DBMS edition and E395 (EURO)/$ 595 (USD) for the MultiDB edition.

Comprehensive information, a demo, walkthrough and fully functional 30-day trial download of the products can be found on the product pages: