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Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL is a software tool that generates test data for MS SQL Server databases. It inserts generated data directly into the database, or builds a script with insert SQL statements.

MS SQL Server Connectivity

  • Direct access to MS SQL databases (with native driver).
  • Support for multiple MS SQL Server versions.
    Supported MS SQL versions: 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Data Generation

  • Generate test data with just a few clicks.
    Select the target database and the tables you want to fill and press "Generate test data". Ofcourse you can fine-tune the data generators if desired.
  • More than 40 built-in data generators.
    Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL includes several built-in data generators for generating different kinds of data. For example, the integer generator provides random integer values, the date generator provides random dates, and the expression/mask generator provides strings that match a pattern that you specify.
  • Generation of data for multiple tables.
    You can select the tables you wish to fill with test data. A Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL project can hold one or hundreds of tables.
  • Generates realistic data.
    Intelligent use of the expression/mask generator (for for example postal codes) and a large collection of (contry/language specific) lists with names, addresses, cities, streets, etc makes your test data more realistic.
  • Insert data directly into the database or generate a SQL script with insert statements.
  • Load data from external sources.
    You can load (random, sequantial) data from CSV files or from other tables in the database. Source data that is from a different data type, will be converted automatically.
  • Generates data that is appropriate for the database schema.
    Syntactically correct data is generated for each column.
  • High performance.
    The tool inserts thousands of test data records per second.
  • Referential integrity support.
    Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL automatically controls referential integrity for linked tables. When data is inserted, it will be done in the correct order. When a child column is part of a relationship it will by default load random data from the parent column in the parent table. Datanamic Data Generator also correctly handles multi-column foreign key constraints.
  • Advanced data generator settings.
    You can specify the percentage of null values for each column. You can also define for how many rows a generated value must be used. This is very useful when generating data for a master and child table. You can for example specify that each Customer may have at least 5 but not more than 10 Orders.

User Interface

  • Clear and intuitive user inter face.
    Clear and simple inter face with a list of tables and the columns with their data generator settings.
  • Realtime preview of data.
    You can preview the data that will be generated for each table. As soon as you change a data generator setting, the data in the preview pane will change.

Automation and Productivity

  • Command-line utility.
    A command-line utility is included to automate your test data generation process. You can create a data generation plan (project) with the GUI application and then (optionally) execute this plan with the included command line utility.
  • Intelligently chooses appropriate data generator for each column.
    By default, the tool chooses an appropriate data generator for a column based on the column's characteristics. The column name, the table name, the constraints, the data type and more characteristics are used to choose a correct data generator for that column.
  • Project-oriented.
    With Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL you can save your test data generation plan to a project file.
  • Validation of data generation settings.
    Datanamic Data Generator for MS SQL will check your data generator settings before test data is being generated. It will check for wrongly entered values and it will check if a setting is valid in combination with other settings (such as for example the number of rows to generate). It is for example possible that you've selected a fill method "Random value from data table" for a field with a unique constraint. If the number of records (lines) in the data table is not enough to generate unique values for the specified number of rows to generate, Datanamic Data Generator will raise an error.


  • Create your own data generators.
    A data generator is a set of data generation settings. You can create your own data generator and give it a name. You can then use that generator in all your projects. You can define for which kind of columns this data generator must be used (matches). This information can be saved and will be used when the tool chooses an appropriate data generator for a column.

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