Export an Image of the Data Model

You can use the Export as Image function to save an image of your active diagram in an image format like Windows Meta File, Bitmap, GIF or JPEG. You can also export only the selected objects to an image. You can then use this image of your diagram in external documents like for example a Word document.

To export an image of your active diagram select File | Export as Image. The Image Export Options dialog will appear now. The following image export options are available:

  1. Shadows: display entity shadows in your exported image.
  2. White background: DeZign for Databases will take the current background color of your active diagram as background color if this option is not checked. 3. Selected objects only: DeZign for Databases will export all objects in the active diagram if not checked

Click OK after you've selected the image export options.

The Save As Dialog will now appear. Select a file type and a fill out a file name and press Save.

When you did select to save as bitmap, GIF or JPEG, the Resize Image Dialog is displayed. You get an option to resize the image to be generated. Select a new size if you want to resize the image that will be generated and Press OK.

DeZign for Databases will display a message when the image was generated successfully.

See also: Exporting large diagrams as image