This article will explain how to install an updated version (e.g. v4.0.2 or v4.1.0) for DeZign for Databases V4.

We don't work with patches. We always provide a "complete installation program" for an updated version.

If you are a licensed user of DeZign for Databases V4, you can follow these instructions to update to the latest version of DeZign for Databases V4:

  1. Download the latest version from the Licensed Users area.
    Licensed users (version 4) can download the latest version from the Licensed Users area. You will require your username and password for access. You can find this username and password in the e-mail message from Datanamic that you received shortly after purchasing. Don't install the trial version when you're a licensed version 4 user.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zipfile into a temporary directory like c:\Temp.
  3. Run setup_dezign4.exe.
  4. The setup program will ask you for a destination directory. This must be the same directory as your original version 4 installation directory. (default directory is "C:\Program Files\Datanamic\DeZign for Databases V4").
  5. The setup program will now install the new/updated version in the selected directory.
  6. You now have installed the latest version.

If you're not a licensed version 4 user then download our free trial versions here.