Merging Projects

DeZign for Databases V6 (and higher) users can use the "compare and merge projects" utility that you can find in the File menu. Please note that this feature is only available in the Expert edition.

A direct merge function is not available in DeZign for Databases V4 and V5. You can, however, import entities and/or domains from another project.

To insert entities from another project, select Dictionary | Insert entities from existing project in the application menu.

In the Open dialog, select the project (.dez file) from which you want to insert entities in your current project and click Open.

In the dialog that appears all entities available in the project you selected, are listed. Select the entities you want to add to your current project and click OK. To preserve and import relationships as well, check the checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.

The selected entities (and relationships) are now added to your current model.