Datanamic provides outstanding maintenance of its software products that includes technical support and regular new releases. We crave to constantly improve, fix and enhance our products. About every year, we provide a new major version of our products. Several times a year, we provide minor version updates.

Current subscriptions

If you have a current subscription, the latest version is included in your purchase. Please refer to your product delivery message for details about your login name, password and license code/key. You will need to enter them in order to gain access to the page from which you can download the install file for the product that you purchased. If you lost your login name and password, please contact us at sales@datanamic.com to request a login account. Be sure to include your license code/key.

Perpetual licenses purchased with Upgrade Protection

An upgrade to the latest version of a product is free when you purchased Upgrade Protection for the product which is or was still valid on the release of the latest version. Please contact Datanamic at sales@datanamic.com when you are eligible to receive a free upgrade.

Perpetual licenses without Upgrade Protection

If you bought the perpetual license without Upgrade Protection then you can upgrade to the latest version at a reduced price.

You can buy an upgrade of your perpetual license to the latest version (also a perpetual license).


You may want to trade-in your perpetual license now and save 25% on a subscription. Please contact Datanamic at sales@datanamic.com in this case. We will mail you a coupon code for the 25% discount on the subscription.

Upgrade Policy

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

When you buy a copy of our software, you will get minor updates and bug fixes for free. Minor updates are updates of which the first version number has not changed. So if you buy DeZign for Databases V10.x.x, you can upgrade to any other version V10.x.x free of charge.

To upgrade your licensed copy (install an update), simply download the latest version using the download instructions provided in the e-mail you received after purchasing our software. You have to download the latest version from a protected area on our website. You must use an username and a password to access this directory. This username and password are not the same as your license key and code. There is no difference between an upgrade download and a full download. You always download the complete package. You do not need to have the previous version installed to install the latest version. There is also no need to uninstall the previous version before upgrading if you do have it installed.

Major Upgrades

Major upgrades are indicated by a change in the first version number. So an upgrade from V10.x.x to V11.0.0 is a major upgrade. Major upgrades usually have a significant amount of improvements and new features. Therefore, you will likely have to pay an upgrade fee if you want to take advantage of a major update. This fee is typically half the price of the product.

Major upgrades are free with Upgrade Protection coverage.

If a major upgrade is released less than three months after you've purchased the upgraded software, you will receive the major upgrade free of charge.

However, if a major upgrade is not free, the previous version will remain available for those who purchased it in the past and feel no need to upgrade. You will never be forced to upgrade. You will still be entitled to technical support if you continue to use the previous version. However, you will not receive any further updates with improvements or new features. And if you originally bought V2.x.x, you can still buy the V4.x.x upgrade even if you did not buy the V3.x.x upgrade.