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DeZign for Databases V9.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of DeZign for Databases V9. Version 9 is a significant update to this intuitive database modeling and design product. New features include an enhanced object browser with fast search capabilities, support for sub folders to organize subdiagrams and full support for MS SQL Server 2014, SQL Azure and Oracle 12c. And, much more...

With the new features, DeZign for Databases V9 delivers increases in productivity for database modelers maintaining large models. DeZign for Databases Version 9 is a complete toolset to model, maintain, generate and capture the database design and requirements of databases.

New features in DeZign for Databases V9 include:

  • Search for database objects in the object browser.
  • Full support for MS SQL Server 2014, SQL Azure and Oracle 12c.
  • Improved report generation with the option to include multiple diagrams in a single report.
  • Support for sub folders in the object browser.
  • Bring to front and Send to back functionality.
  • Improved auto layout routines for large models.
  • Ready for Windows 10.
More details about the new features can be found on DeZign for Databases' What's New page.

System Requirements and Database Support

DeZign for Databases runs on Windows platforms including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Disk space requirement is 12 MB.

DeZign for Databases supports the following databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQL Azure, MS Access, DB2, InterBase, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Sybase, DBISAM, Paradox, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, Pervasive SQL, Informix.

Pricing and Availability

Licensed users of DeZign for Databases V8, V7 or V6 can upgrade to version 9 at a reduced price. Upgrade pricing starts at 80 EURO/104 USD for the Standard Edition. Go to our upgrade center at https://www.datanamic.com/order/upgradecenter.html for all the details on how to upgrade. For new licenses, pricing starts at 199 EURO/259 USD. See www.datanamic.com/order for more information.

Comprehensive product details are available at https://www.datanamic.com/dezign/.

Answers to Common Questions

Q: Do I need to uninstall the old version of DeZign for Databases before installing DeZign for Databases V9?
A: No, Version 9 will be installed in another directory.

Q: Can I open files created or saved in version 9 with my old version?
A: No.

Q: Can I open files created with an older version of DeZign for Databases?
A: Yes.

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Datanamic is a privately owned company based in Leiden, the Netherlands. Datanamic Solutions creates innovative database tools to assist the simplification and automation of database development. To learn more about us please visit our website at www.datanamic.com.

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