Visual Data Modeling Environment for Oracle Databases

oracle data model

DeZign for Databases is a data design solution that you can use to discover, model, relate, standardize, and document Oracle databases. It offers a sophisticated visual modeling environment for database development.

Elements from data models are visually represented in ER diagrams using industry standard design notations (IDEF1X or Information Engineering). You can forward engineer and reverse engineer Oracle databases. The compare and synchronize features can be used to ensure that the data model is consistent (insync) with the database. It is easy-to-use and an alternative to Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.


DeZign for Databases is designed for all data modelers, from business architects to DBAs and application developers. It serves as a powerful communication tool and accelerates your processes by connecting the database designers to the rest of the development team and business users.

Key Features

Graphically Design Databases

DeZign for Databases has an easy-to-use graphical interface that simplifies database design and automates many time-consuming modeling tasks. In your diagram you can visually make a design using entities, relationships, subcategories, group boxes and text blocks. The tool enables you to present your design at various levels of detail.

Reverse Engineer Oracle Databases

Connect to your Oracle database with a direct native connection and derive a graphical model from that database. Import from multiple schemas or just choose one. You can also import an existing database from a SQL script (DDL). When connecting to an Oracle database, the Oracle client software is not required.

Large Model Management

DeZign for Databases helps you manage large data models through subdiagrams (subviews). Subdiagrams provide a focused view for individual data modelers, dividing the model into smaller, manageable subsets.

Database Generation

Generate output from your data model. From the modelís design, definitions (DDL) are generated for all database objects such as tables, views, columns with defaults and constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, triggers, stored procedures and object descriptions.

Model and Database Synchronization

DeZign for Databases allows users to compare and optionally synchronize a data model and a (live) Oracle database. The tool displays the differences between a model and your Oracle database and lets you select which differences to move to the database or to the model. If model changes move into the database then a database update script will be created.

Database Documentation Generation

You can generate detailed database model documentation with DeZign for Databases. Import an existing Oracle database or generate documentation for the model you are currently working on.